Black Americans deserve more credit, Cal Thomas

Obama has been president nearly four years, and we are still listening to people squabble over his citizenship, his intellect, his policies, his overall character and his race. Now, if all that is not daunting enough, we must endure editorials and televised rants by people like Cal Thomas, who attempt to guise their true feelings and intentions by standing behind the color-blind politically correct platform: President Obama should be judged by his performance not his race.

To those who don’t know of Cal Thomas, host of Fox News’s “After Hours,” that statement would appear to be logical, fair and true. Obama should be judged by his performance and not his race. However, anyone with any cultural consciousness would read a mere three paragraphs into his editorial entitled “Thomas: Those urging blacks to back Obama because of  his race offer bad advice and understand that Thomas’ is not seeking fair and just treatment for Obama and he surely does not have the black community’s best interest at heart.

Thomas is lampooning the black community and the history of its people by attempting to rationalize things he does not and cannot understand, while using the quotes of a few to speak for and generalize a multitude. How ignorant. How racist.

Mr. Thomas soars through his editorial making assumptions and spouting falsities as fact as though he was born and raised a black American. He reprimands black people for wanting to re-elect Obama because he is black despite the fact he hasn’t kept all his promises.

He notes that the black unemployment rate was, at that time, 16.7 percent and that black voters are overwhelming in their loyalty to the Democratic Party even though it isn’t loyal in return. He said that black people need a reality check, but it appears that Thomas is the one who needs to be checked.

Mr. Thomas needs to be reminded that he is not a black American and his opinions of the black community are just that, opinions…ill-formed ones at that.  He is in no position to reprimand a whole race of people or impose “reality checks” upon anyone, especially black Americans.

Thomas uses quotes from ‘Shock Jock’ Tom Joyner, host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show as the basis for his argument. Joyner’s show reaches 8 million radio listeners. That means the show reaches one in four black adults.

In reference to Obama’s re-election, Joyner encouraged his viewers (via his blog) to “Stick together, black people. Let’s deal with just our blackness and pride—and loyalty. We have the chance to reelect the first black president, and that is what we ought to be doing. And I am not ashamed to say that as black people we should do it because he is a black man.”

That of course is not all Joyner said, but that is what Thomas chose to include.

Now, call me crazy, but I don’t believe quotes from a popular radio host with a convoluted reputation amongst his own people is substantial or valid enough to stand as the basis for an argument that chastises an entire people.

If Thomas knew anything about the black community, he would know most black people respect Tom for his contributions to the advancement of the community. However, he is not revered as a supreme beacon of consciousness and rationality by all black people.

Another indicator of Thomas’s ignorance is the underlying accusation that black people do not have the political aptitude or common sense to know that a presidential vote should be based on more than race…even in the case of our beloved Obama.

Give us more credit Thomas, if all we wanted was a black president we had the numbers and the influence to elect Jessie Jackson years ago. Now that would have been a true disservice to the nation. No disrespect Jessie. You and Al keep hope alive.

Thomas claims the Democratic Party is disloyal to black people as if the betterment of the black  community is a top agenda item for the GOP. Nice try Thomas, but a great many black voters are sophisticated and educated enough to recognize exactly what the  GOP and its candidates want from and think of Americans of color. Sorry to tell ya, we were not fooled by Herman Cain’s shuckin’ and jivin’. Nice try though.

Many black Americans do want Obama, but not more than we want a good president. He has fallen short several times… this is true, but no president in the history of this  country has kept every promise they made. Obama has accomplished some tremendous things during his time in office. He cares about the advancement of minority communities and those suffering from the economy far more than any Republican candidate. Obama inherited a real mess courtesy of Lil Bush and  he is doing the best he can under the circumstances.

There are times when our leaders let us down. But that doesn’t mean you just jump ship. Dr. King’s methods and messages were not always well received, but even those who didn’t agree with him, respected him. Obama deserves that same respect. OBAMA 2012!


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